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Rally de Portugal 2016
Rally de Portugal 2016
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Rally de Espana 2012
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 16h31
    Congratulations to Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena, Congratulations to Citroen, Congratulations to Michelin. All of them FIA World Rally Champions. We hoped you have enjoyed our coverage throughout the year and look forward to seeing you again in 2013.
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 16h28
    That is it for the 2012 FIA World Rally Championship with the conclusion of Rally de Espana. Subject to official confirmation, the final result is 1) Sebastien Loeb (Citroen-Michelin) - 2) Jari-Matti Latvala (Ford-Michelin) +7.0 - 3) Mikko Hirvonen (Citroen-Michelin) +1:46.8 - 4) Mads Ostberg (Ford-Michelin) +1:56.4 - 5) Jarkko Nikara (Mini) +16:07.9
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 16h13
    [SS18] Chris Atkinson (Mini) 2:49.3 "You look at the positives, we scored points four out of five rallies. We want to be going a little bit faster than we were this weekend, but that's in the future."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 16h11
    [SS18] Jarkko Nikara (Mini) 2:47.7 "It was very good for us, but difficult event for us. Difficult stages, difficult conditions, but the team did a great job. Great weekend."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 16h09
    [SS18] Martin Prokop (Ford) 2:45.3 "Only one super rally in the season was good for us. For next year hopefully we have good experience and we can get a car."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 16h07
    [SS18] Dani Sordo (Mini) 2:38.3 "At the end was really really nice, fighting for the first time in the stages. I finish the year really happy."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 16h05
    [SS18] Thierry Neuville (Citroen) 2:39.7 "Quite tricky, I am happy now to finish the season on a good place again. Happy for now and some time to prepare for next year. I had the chance to be with the best team and I learnt so much."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 16h03
    [SS18] Petter Solberg (Ford) 2:42.0 "Mixed end of the season. I have been trying hard and try to beat Loeb, I have been in some very good positions. I have been happy to drive and we will see what the future brings and take it from there."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 16h01
    [SS18] Evgeny Novikov (Ford) 2:39.7 "It was a very good season for us. We are happy."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 16h00
    [SS18] Mads Ostberg (Ford) 2:42.3 "It's been a fantastic year. Right now I am a little bit disappointed. I am very happy with the speed and unfortunately this weekend it has not been perfect. We have done a good season and progressed well."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 15h57
    [SS18] Mikko Hirvonen (Citroen) 2:39.9 "It's been a good year, I have learned a lot. I have been really consistent with the team, it has made us ready for next year. I know I am in a really strong team and I am happy with my position."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 15h55
    [SS18] Jari-Matti Latvala (Ford) 2:38.4 "Actually I would like to do one more stage, I think this is what I need now. It is a good feeling to finish this rally. Once again we have learn a few things in this rally. The future is now different, I have had some fantastic years with Ford."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 15h51
    [SS18] Sebastien Loeb (Citroen) 2:40.5 "For sure I really wanted to win this one, we were struggling in the start. Today was not easy we have some strange tyre choice to finish the rally. I have a lot of things to do next year."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 15h41
    Only one more stage to go for the 2012 FIA World Rally Championship. SS18 La Serra d'Almos (4.11kms) gets underway in 5-minutes...
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 15h31
    [SS17 PS] Chris Atkinson (Mini) 16:34.1 "We are in the points which after the first day is a good result. It rained quite hard in there and we are on the hard tyre and so it was a bit difficult."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 15h29
    [SS17 PS] Jarkko Nikara (Mini) 16:38.1 "Difficult rally but good position at the moment. We just came through no risk. We did not want to take any risks at the moment, we are 5th at the moment."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 15h26
    [SS17 PS] Martin Prokop (Ford) 16:30.2 "Its more and more tricky with it starting to rain, combination of wet road with mud on the road."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 15h24
    [SS17 PS] Dani Sordo (Mini) 15:45.9 "It is impossible to do the best time, it is raining for me. He (Latvala) do really really well in the stage before. In this stage I am all the time with the wipers. The water is coming in the road."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 15h22
    [SS17 PS] Thierry Neuville (Citroen) 16:09.6 "In some parts it was quite wet, with the soft (tyres) on the front and the hard on the rear, the balance was quite bad."
  • dim. 11.11.2012 / 15h20
    [SS17 PS] Petter Solberg (Ford) 16:06.0 "It was just too much rain, no chance. That's how it is. I do not want to risk anything."